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My role
Design Tools

Project scope & branding

Simple and fun

The goal was to create a simple and modern application with an exciting colour scheme and feel, that can compete with the other food delivery apps on the market. We introduced a fun linear colour icon pack which works great with the bold yellow, but as balance we used rounded interface icons and a sleek grey colour. 

The target & challange

Get your meals instantly

The target was very clear: create a food delivery app that can compete with the other apps on the market, while identifying the pain points other apps might have missed, and offering a satisfying solution. Based on our competitor analysis and the experiences of their users, it became clear which pain points we need to issue.

Research & user personas

Two user groups

During the research process we analysed the market and took a close look at industry competitors. We also studied the competitors’ users and identified their pain points, frustrations, goals and motivation. Based on what we learnt we established two user personas.

User flow

Getting from browsing to purchasing

Using the results from our research and the needs of the user personas we mapped out the user flow, that concentrates on browsing the food options and ordering a meal. 

Wireframing & prototyping

Identifying the screen-to-screen interactions

Creating a wireframe was a crucial  part of the designing process as it allowed us to visually map out the user flow and give shape to all the features we wanted to include in the final product. By connecting the screens and buttons we got a clear idea of how the app will function and it helped us identify the potential dead-ends and issues.

The final product

Your favourite meal at your door

On Its Way is making the food delivery industry more transparent and personal by allowing users to gain more information about their food and how its made. 

Features introduced to satisfy the users needs:

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